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I have worked in Technology for 20 years, most recently heading up a team of 60 delivery and engineering employees across Europe and the Middle East. Whilst in this position, I was lucky and privileged enough to be participate in a Leadership coaching programme, which was based in Sweden (my company at the time was Swedish). I was so inspired by the programme and by my incredible coach, that I found the courage to follow my own dreams and become a coach myself. I asked them if they could train me up and if I could bring over the programme to the UK. To my absolute delight, they agreed! In October 2017, my journey officially began to inspire and grow others to be the best they can be and help them find fulfilment, purpose and contentment in their lives by reaching their goals and dreams.

The New Leadership was formed in Sweden in 2010 and is a modern concept for personal leadership.


With a unique and well documented programme, combined with professional leadership coaches with extensive managerial experience, we help companies and their staff grow and achieve long term positive results. 1,000+ people in more than 300 corporations and organisations such as KPMG and Adidas have already benefitted from the programme, from Managing Directors to junior staff.

The New Leadership is all about your personal leadership, i.e. your ability to lead yourself. This is the foundation for all leadership and essential in order for you to be able to successfully lead others, reach your goals, create efficient and fruitful collaborations, enhance the feeling of involvement and respect, as well as contribute to a sense of security and well being.

The focus is always you, your personal goals and your work goals.

This means that the training is integrated with your work and personal life from the very first meeting and will accompany you every day throughout the training period (six to eight months). This way you will reach sustainable results. We work with the following leadership qualities: 


Goal Orientation - set your goals and achieve them 

Habits & Attitudes - how you think and act

Time Management  - everyday efficiency to practical thinking

Personal Leadership - strategic thinking, decision making, delegation, listening skills, taking initiative, etc

For more information on The New Leadership, please visit http://www.thenewleadership.com



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For more information on The New Leadership, please visit:​


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