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My Story

I worked in Technology for over 20 years (companies such as Amazon, Sky, BBC), and in my last role headed up a team of 60 delivery and engineering employees across Europe and the Middle East. Whilst in this position, I was lucky and privileged enough to be participate in a Leadership coaching programme, which was based in Sweden (my company at the time was Swedish). I was so inspired by the programme and by my incredible coach, that I found the courage to follow my own dreams and become a coach myself. I asked them if they could train me up and if I could bring over the programme to the UK. To my absolute delight, they agreed! In October 2017, my journey officially began to inspire and grow others to be the best they can be and help them find fulfilment, purpose and contentment in their lives by reaching their goals and dreams.


"My mission is to empower, guide and enable everyone, including young people and underrepresented communities, to reach their full potential, To give them the tools & knowledge to reach their goals, purpose and create a better future for all."

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