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The "Why" Behind The Power Within You

Episode 0

“The journey will continue, but I know I have the tools, techniques and support to manage any wobbles”


Welcome to The Power Within You. This is not only a place of shared stories, knowledge and resources but a safe space for you to truly know you are not alone. Mamta takes a moment to reflect on the creation of the podcast and how her personal motivation to understand more has enabled her to aid and support others through their own mental health journey. 


This is just the beginning….Are you ready to find the Power Within You? 


About Mamta Gera


After working in the Tech Industry for 20 years, she was lucky and privileged enough to participate in a Leadership coaching programme based in Sweden.

Mamta was so inspired by the programme and by her incredible coach that found the courage to follow her own dreams and become a coach herself. She asked them if they could train her up and if she could bring over the programme to the UK.

In October 2017, Mamta's journey officially began to inspire and grow others to be the best they can be and help them find fulfilment, purpose and contentment in their lives by reaching their goals and dreams.

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