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Have you ever felt that you have been trying to cope with your mental health and well-being all alone?


Do you find it difficult to express how you are feeling to others and struggle to know where or who to turn to for support?


All the while, you may be finding it harder and harder to stay connected to your happiness, your joy and your passions. 


This is the reason why the Power Within You podcast was created. Every week, Mamta Gera takes you on a mental health journey filled with inspiring, courageous stories and advice.


As we navigate the world, our thoughts and emotions, Mamta is joined by mental health advocates to not only make this world accessible but understandable to all. You’ll be able to take away tangible tools and techniques to manage your own mental health and access a wealth of resources to support you on your journey. 


So, if you’re looking to get out of a rut, break the cycle and become more self-aware of your own mental health, “The Power Within You” will help you find your North Star in the compass of life.


Get unstuck. Find your power. Design your life.

Don't miss any new episodes and all the helpful resources we have for you... 

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Episode 0

The "Why" Behind The Power Within You

Welcome to The Power Within You. This is not only a place of shared stories, knowledge and resources but a safe space for you to truly know you are not alone. Mamta takes a moment to reflect on the creation of the podcast and how her personal motivation to understand more has enabled her to aid and support others through their own mental health journey.

Episode 01

Getting unstuck with Aly Blenkin

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The Power Within You with Aly Blenkin
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